Some art, pictures, and words by me.

Plant Diary



28/01/2023 naruto art

01/19/2023 a drawing i did :)

08/24/2022- Such a stressful couple of anxiety has gotten me into some situations that feel impossible to get out of u_u. Hopefully today goes well. I'm famliarizing myself more with html and experimenting with some things.

08/13/2022- So much has happened in the past month! We got a new PUPPY- her name is Maple and she's so precious. She's digging in some soil as I'm typing this. It's been a while since I've had a puppy and I forgot how much they can tire you out. They have endless energy. She's 12 weeks old and I'm looking forward to taking her out once she's fully vaccinated.

07/15/2022- My first week at work has been good! It's so hard familiarizing myself with all of my new surroundings, but it's cool getting to spend my day helping animals. Also, my whole body is SO sore from squatting and standing all day. Whew!

07/11/2022- Starting a new job tomorrow... How do I stop being nervous? I'm an adult I'm supposed to have figured this out by now. I'm pretty excited though because now that me and my partner are both working we are going to get a DOG soon. I can't wait... I miss my old dog so much, it's exactly what I need.

06/18/2022- A dragon gif I made. I'm not that good at character design, but practice makes perfect.